Your Dog's Mate in Israel

We Provide Care, That Your Pet Deserves!

Who are we

Your Dog’s Mate in Israel stands out with our personalized dog-walking service, matching our experienced Walkerz to your dog’s unique personality. With each transaction directly benefiting our Walkerz and supporting community causes, our service goes beyond walks to contribute meaningfully in our wounded society.

Experience the convenience of our technology integration, real-time updates, and loyalty discounts.


We know that there are days when life gets busy or you’re just too tired to provide your dog with the energy and attention they need. That’s where we come in! 

1 on 1 Private Walk

Treat your pup to an intimate and personalised 1-hour session with one of our experienced Walkerz. Your dog will enjoy undivided attention and plenty of love on this special outing.

Group Walk

If your dog loves socialising and making furry friends, our one-hour group walk is perfect. Your dog will have a blast walking alongside other dogs, creating a fun, social, and playful environment that they'll absolutely adore.


Rest easy knowing your dog is in capable hands, receiving personalized attention and care during your absence. Experience peace of mind with our deidcated and reliable service.

Our Mission

Community Upliftment

Let us be the bridge that connects your love for your pets with meaningful support for your fellow Israeli brothers and sisters. Our supported causes include rescue animal shelters, Yeshivot, army bases, and even the kibbutzim affected by the tragic events of October 7th, 2023.

Opportunties for Students

Your support contributes to creating meaningful opportunities for passionate students, helping them financially navigate the challenges of young adulthood. Join us in fostering a community where both dogs and students thrive.

Accurate Matching

We understand that a harmonious bond between your dog and our Walkerz is important in fostering a trusting and joyful connection during every walk. This tailored approach guarantees that your furry friend receives the attention and care they deserve.

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